Removing Chocolatey Pro
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Removing Chocolatey Pro

I recently had my Choccolatey Pro account expire. I didn't find that much use for it over the last year, so I chose not to renew my subscription. When installing the pro version of Chocolatey I had already noticed a lot of not user-friendly aspects to the process.

  • I needed to download a file from the email they sent me.
  • I needed to place that file into a specific folder that may or may not already exist
  • I needed to run a upgrade commannd that was expected to throw an error (Really?)

These things didn't give me much confidence in the "uninstall" process.

It definitely wasn't easy. It wasn't hard either, but there weren't any instructions and I had to guess. These are the steps I took. I'm still not sure if there are any lingering side effects, but I hope not.

  1. Delete your license file. The folder is probably safe to delete too, since even Choocolatey was 50/50 on it existing in the first place.
  2. Force a reinstall of the latest version (or target the version you want if that's your thing)
  3. Uninstall chocolatey.extension to prevent the error message saying the source wasn't found from popping up all the time.

I have two different computers where I ran one of these two commands to see if there are any differences. So far, no change.
choco upgrade chocolatey --force or choco install chocolatey --force

I do expect that since install --force will uninstall then re-install, there will be problems if you have any programs that depend on links to Chocolatey. I had some warnings regarding ffmpeg, git.install, and poshgit so if you're using any of those packages consider using upgrade. If you don't care or don't mind possibly having to reinstall those programs, forcing that re-install seems like a good idea to me. You guarantee a clean Chocolatey installation that isn't trying to contact the pro servers.

For reference:

rm -rf C:/ProgramData/Chocolatey/License
choco install chocolatey --force
choco uninstall chocolatey.extension
choco upgrade all