Ideas for MTG Store

Weekly Newsletter

We weekly newsletter will help fill in players who don't follow the MTG scene as regularly as many of its fans do. This gives players topics to talk about and a place for the store to advertise some interesting things without being blatant advertisment. Giving a player a cool decklist and some discussion about the deck feels much better than advertising specific cards. As a store run newsletter, the store can make sure that they have product for the things they advertise. This helps give casual players something to read and a way to keep in touch with the competitive format.

Tournament Tip of the Week

Post a rotating banner with the current tip of the week. This could be attached to the weekly newsletter to help consolidate information. This helps inform players of tournament mechanics they may not be aware of.

  • Don't change the order of your opponent's graveyard (in any format)
  • No Electronics! None.
  • ?